“Up Close” Part 3 with Dr. Leroy Nunery | President, Evolution Advisors

In part two of our “Up Close” series, Dr. Nunery discussed his “why” and the driving force that led him to Evolution Advisors.


In part three, Dr. Nunery shares the mission behind Evolution Advisors and its audacious goals.




Evolution Advisors’ Bold Vision, Mission and Goals


My “why” is what led me to Evolution Advisors, but its overarching mission is what drives me forward. Evolution Advisors’ founders set a bold and audacious mission: to address the type of challenges that my dad faced. Greg Williams, said it best:


“We need to increase awareness and access to critically important financial products for all audiences. Acrisure’s deep financial and technology expertise will help address the risk problems faced by minority-owned businesses and diverse communities across the U.S.”


We’ve taken Greg’s inspiring statement and turned it into a mission statement: To be strategic and opportunistic through investment, information, and innovation. Here’s how we intend to actualize that mission:


OPPORTUNITY: “Increase awareness and access”

• Give EA partners the ability to leverage the immense human and AI capital within Acrisure’s Insurance, Banking, Technology, Asset Management, Strategic Advisory and Real Estate solutions


PURPOSE: “Address the risk problems”
• Build the capacity and increase the access of EA Partners so that they can become profitable and sustainable enterprises


CAPACITY: “Acrisure’s deep insurance, financial, and technology expertise”
• Capitalize on Human capital, Artificial intelligence, Entrepreneurial spirit, Creativity, and Ingenuity


PROMISE: “Minority-owned business and diverse communities”
• Leverage, expand, deepen connections and networks to enhance the creation of intergenerational wealth
• Serve communities that are often marginalized, under-resourced, and underserved


Our goals are ambitious:

  • Become the nation’s most significant MBE (Minority Business Enterprise) financial services enterprise.
  • Create exceptional goodwill while enhancing our Partners’ capabilities for charitable contributions through their similarly named foundations: the “Why Not You Foundation” (the Wilsons) and the “Why Not?” Foundation (Russell Westbrook).
  • Bring Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion to life by increasing the scale, revenues, profitability, and sustainability of each Evolution Advisor Partner.
  • Reach new, underserved, untapped markets through Acrisure’s tremendous technological platforms, carrier relationships, and Partner networks.
  • Provide support and guidance on perpetuation, talent development, strategic planning, and product development.
  • Tap into emerging, unparalleled connections that have expressed great interest in partnering with Evolution Advisors, such as:
    • JP Morgan Chase’s “Advancing Black Pathways” funding initiative
    • Robert F. Kennedy Center for Human Rights’ “Alpha Equity Fund” to inspire investment in minority-owned asset management firms
    • The Billion Dollar Roundtable, whose members are the chief procurement officers of major companies, pledging to increase supplier diversity.


In part four of the series, I’ll share how YOU can help Evolution Advisors evolve and grow.



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