An attractive benefits package is crucial to attracting and retaining top talent. If you placed your group medical insurance with an Acrisure Agency Partner, they worked by your side to help tailor a competitive package that fits your business and supports the needs of your employees.

Vision coverage may not be included in your current plan, but this ancillary benefit is one that most employees wish you offered. According to BenefitsPro, over 80 percent of employees who are offered vision insurance enroll in a plan. There are many online entities who sell vision insurance as part of a standalone solution—however, unlike Acrisure’s Agency Partners, they do not understand the goals of your business, the healthcare of your employees or the coverage options in your area.

Simplify and personalize the process of adding this critical benefit by working with an Acrisure Agency Partner:

  1. Customized vision insurance options that make sense for your business

Unlike big-box providers, Acrisure Agency Partners possess a deep understanding of the local businesses and plans in the markets they serve, so clients don’t have to choose from standard options: our agents can help design a vision plan that enhances your existing group medical plan by customizing your coverage.

From basic plans that cover an annual exam, lenses and contacts through more comprehensive options that include discounted eye surgery, your agent can present options to give your employees flexibility to meet their vision care needs and budget.

  1. A holistic approach to health

When combined with your business’s group medical coverage, vision coverage extends far beyond eye health. During routine eye exams, doctors can detect serious conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer.

Early detection is often key to stronger healthcare and lower overall health costs. And having all of your benefits bundled with one broker can make it easier to connect all aspects of healthcare.

  1. Local partners with access to an extensive national network

We know that vision care can be costly—but we also understand that sight is priceless. As local brokers, Acrisure Agency Partners are familiar with the optometrists and other vision care providers in this market. They also understand that the specialized care your employees need may not be in your immediate area, which means they can tap into our extensive network to find options for you and your employees.

Acrisure Agency Partners can help your employees make the most informed healthcare decisions and find the right care.

Don’t lose good employees to a lack of benefits—get the competitive edge you need from a broker you already know and trust. Contact an Acrisure Agency Partner today to discuss adding vision benefits to your plan.

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