Part 4 – “Up Close with Dr. Leroy Nunery | President, Evolution Advisors

In part three of our “Up Close” series, Dr. Nunery discussed the mission behind Evolution Advisors and the audacious goals they are striving for.

In this final part of the series, Dr. Nunery talks about how YOU can help Evolution Advisors evolve, grow, and achieve our mission.




How You Can Help Us Evolve


We are well on our way in building up Evolution Advisors’ pipeline and need your help toward our audacious goals:

  • Refer potential Partners who share our common vision. We’re eager to talk to folks who understand Acrisure’s culture and want to grow.
  • Think about how Evolution Advisors can help you expand your business, e.g., through public sector opportunities such as municipalities, airport authorities, empowerment zones, Public-Private-Partnerships, etc., especially where there are MBE goals or mandates have been established.
  • Connect us with companies and organizations that have supplier diversity programs that provide access to firms owned by minorities, women, veterans, disabled, or LGBTQ+ community members. Supplier diversity programs are terrific feeders of new business and can lead to broad, profitable opportunities.
  • Help us build awareness about Evolution Advisors. We are a unique and special entity which will have a meaningful impact across the country.


If you feel like you be would a good fit to be an Evolution Advisors Partner or know someone who would be, please contact us.


As President of Evolution Advisors, I firmly believe that if my father had had access to the type of services and platform that Evolution Advisors will provide, his fate would have been dramatically different. Our purpose is clear, and the capacity to deliver on the promise is evident. I’m grateful for this opportunity and to work with you to create history through Evolution Advisors.

Stay tuned next week for a full recap of Dr. Nunery’s story and the driving forces behind Evolution Advisors.


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