Today’s car owners are keeping their vehicles longer. According to a recent IHS study, the average age of U.S. vehicles has increased to 11.8 years. Among other reasons, this points to more opportunities for your automotive repair business.

However, as your auto repair garage or body shop grows, your risks of doing business are also likely to increase. Acrisure’s Agency Partners have been helping custom-tailor insurance policies for automotive repair shops for many years. Learn about some of their most common claims and the insurance coverages you may need to help protect your business.

Theft, Fire or Other Damage to Your Garage

Every day, business owners face risks that are beyond their control. For example, perhaps parts of your garage were damaged due to a break-in or act of vandalism. Or, worse yet, an electrical fire destroyed the entire structure.

Business property insurance can help protect the garage you’ve worked so hard to build. This solution is designed to cover your building as well as the physical contents inside such as heavy equipment, plus other types of smaller physical objects like tools.

Customer’s Vehicle is Damaged while Under Your Care

Another example: a customer brings his car to your garage for repairs because it starts to rattle at high speeds. When the mechanic takes the car for a test-drive to see if the issue has been corrected, he gets into a highway collision.

Garage liability or garagekeepers coverage can help cover the damages resulting from the collision. This solution can also cover you if the vehicle is damaged by fire, theft or vandalism while under your care.

Mechanic Injured on the Job

Automotive repair is difficult work: your employees can be more susceptible to strains, sprains and tears due to lifting heavy tools and machinery. Mechanics may also work with hazardous chemicals, which can cause serious eye injuries or chemical burns.

If one of your employees is injured on the job, workers’ compensation insurance can help cover their medical bills and even pay for a portion of their lost wages. Partnering with an Acrisure Agency Partner can also connect you with resources to help create a culture of safety, which can help reduce workers’ compensation claims overall.

How to Personalize Your Insurance Solutions for Maximum Protection

These are just a few common scenarios and insurance coverages that may be appropriate for automotive repair and body shops. However, every business has unique needs—and no one understands that better than Acrisure’s Agency Partners.

These dedicated agents will take the time to get to know your business and your goals for growth. That’s how we can help custom-tailor an insurance policies that truly address your business’s needs. We look at all of your coverages holistically to understand where gaps may exist and make personalized recommendations to help ensure your business is protected.

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