In Case You Missed It: HRLCS Knocks It Out of the “Virtual” Park

Last week, Acrisure hosted the second annual virtual HR Leaders Compliance Summit (HRLCS 2022), where we heard some amazing speakers share their specialized expertise and valuable knowledge in the areas of labor & employment, employee benefits, and human capital management.


The turnout was phenomenal! This is what some attendees said about the experience:


“Of the many “virtual” events that we’ve attended, this, by far, was the most concise and well-done effort I’d been to!  I thought the topics were relevant and the speakers were very engaging. Certainly not easy to do over zoom!“


“Thank you for allowing me to attend the HR leadership summit last week. It was reaffirming to know that everyone in HR is feeling the intensity of this moment our country is having.“


“I am grateful I got to hear CyntMarshall speak, to help remember why I chose a career in HR to begin with. Her humility and kindness shows that no matter how far up you can go in your career, you can remember the little things to show you care.”


For those who couldn’t attend the summit, here is a breakdown with the recordings of each session:


Day 1:

HR Compliance in 2022: Preparing for the Year Ahead with Q&A


  • Learn about the most recent developments affecting employers and gain strategic insights into the year ahead
  • Watch Jeremy Hertz (from Acrisure Compliance Solutions) speak about the continued impacts of COVID19, including workplace vaccine mandates and incentive programs –– as well as health insurance coverage requirements.
  • Deborah Hyde (from Acrisure Compliance Solutions) reviews new transparency-related group health plan rules.


[Watch Session]


Keynote Speaker: Cynthia “Cynt” Marshall


  • Panel discussion with Cynt Marshall (CEO of Dallas Mavericks), Dawn Alvarez (from Acrisure Partner), and Whitney Lang (from Allstate Benefits).
  • Cynt Marshall talks about her life and experience as SVP of HR and Chief Diversity Officer transitioning her role to CEO of the Dallas Mavericks.
  • Cynt explains her strategy for values-based leadership, and why putting people first matters the most.
  • The panel discusses the difference between diversity and inclusion and why both are important for success –– and why HR is the heart of any organization.


[Watch Session]


Day 2:


Change Is Inevitable: Navigating Today’s Hybrid Work Environment

  • Jeremy Hertz (from Acrisure Compliance Solutions) looks at the two phases of the evolving remote/hybrid model developing across the country.
  • Jeremy explains the first phase and how it will focus on the executive level analysis and considerations that must occur within an organization.
  • Learn how the second phase addresses the key issues employers must consider to ensure an impactful and compliant adoption of remote work within the organization.


[Watch Session]


Keynote Speaker: Johnny C. Taylor, Jr., SHRM-SCP

  • Panel discussions with Johnny C. Taylor, Jr. (President and CEO of SHRM) and Dawn Alvarez (from Acrisure Partner)
  • Johnny provides a candid and forward-thinking vision for leaders to reimagine their company cultures in a time of global upheaval.
  • Learn why Johnny recommends presenting data-driven strategies to make the necessary foundational reset of all things work.


[Watch Session]


Day 3:

California and Tri-State Employer Compliance Considerations for 2022

  • Experts from California and the Tri-State area discuss new laws and how they will affect all employers with operations in those areas.
  • Topics covered include sick leave, worker classification, employee leave, workers’ compensation, safety regulation enforcement, wages, unemployment insurance and more.


[Watch California Breakout Part 1]

[Watch California Breakout Part 2]

[Watch Tri-State Breakout Part 1]

[Watch Tri-State Breakout Part 2]



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