Motorcycles can bring riders closer to nature, but they can also bring riders closer to other motorists and the road itself.

Whether you’re taking a cross-country trip on two wheels, commuting, or out for a local cruise, you should acquire insurance coverage for yourself and your passengers, your motorcycle and accessories, and potential liability claims that may result from an accident.

Make Safety a Priority

To fully enjoy the open road, motorcyclists should also adhere to a specific set of safety rules when heading out for a ride to reduce the risk and severity of an accident.

    1. Wear a helmet with a face shield and/or protective eyewear even though many states no longer require helmets.
    2. Stay up to date on changes to the laws and regulations that cover motorcycling where you live and drive. Be aware of the speed limit and how road conditions can affect the rules such as the stopping distance needed in rainy weather.
    3. Complete licensing and education for the vehicle you plan to drive. For more experienced riders, take a refresher course to make sure your knowledge stays current.
    4. Wear clothing and gear that can minimize the severity of injury in the event of a crash. Leather clothing, nonskid boots, gloves, and reflective gear can mitigate the damage sustained in an injury. Wearing bright and noticeable colors will help those with whom you share the road see you before a potential crash.
    5. Always ride with your headlights on for maximum visibility regardless of the time of day and weather conditions. Signal well in advance of when you plan to turn. Be aware of your position in relation to turning vehicles and try to avoid riding in the blind spot of another driver.
    6. Drive alert. Don’t drive distracted, tired, or under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Wait to text or access mobile devices until after your drive.
    7. Check your ride to make sure it’s fit for travel. Your tires should be properly inflated, all your lights and signals should be in good working order, and your mirrors, brakes, and horn should all be checked before you head out.

Following these tips and driving defensively will ensure that your joy ride doesn’t end with a trip in an ambulance.

Plan Ahead

For additional information on motorcycle riding safety and to obtain the appropriate insurance policy for your motorcycle and riding habits, reach out to a local Acrisure Agency Partner.

We are here to provide you with resources and solutions for your motorcycle needs and beyond. Count on us to also provide homeowners, auto, multi-line coverage, and other solutions tailored to your risk portfolio and goals.