From Client to CEO with Michelle Montoya

As CEO of Filice insurance, Michelle takes pride in Filice’s ability to embrace new tools and technology to effectively support its more than 1,200 clients. Michelle leads a team of 60 employee benefits professionals with responsibility for sales and operations. She oversees the organization’s day-to-day client service activities and its long-term growth initiatives. Michelle is based out of Filice’s headquarters in San Jose, California and is a frequent speaker at HR seminars and conferences, and authors various publications produced by the company.


Michelle’s journey to CEO is somewhat unique because she was a client first. After a number of years in HR, she joined Filice to build their Compliance & Consulting offering and her role grew as the company did. Filice is one of the most diverse agencies in the insurance industry and that has been a crucial piece to its continued growth. If asked, Michelle will tell you that her greatest moments of pride are not in what she has done, but in the many things her team has accomplished. This month, we are profiling the women leaders of Acrisure who are helping the company become the world’s most “Tech-Enabled Broker” and leading distribution company. If you know of someone at Acrisure who you’d like to see featured, contact


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