Evolution Advisors’ Dr. Nunery Presents DEI Findings on Capitol Hill

Today, Dr. Leroy Nunery II, President of Acrisure joint venture Evolution Advisors, presented research to senior staff members for the House Financial Services Committee. The findings were prepared for the American Property Casualty Insurance Association’s (APCIA) inaugural DEI Catalog, which analyzed property casualty insurers’ commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workforce, on boards, and in supply chains.


According to Dr. Nunery and the APCIA, the Catalog includes anonymized feedback from 52 property casualty insurers, and findings reveal that many companies already have established and intentional investments in DEI.


Dr. Nunery said: “Every industry is trying to figure out how to get this right and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. But APCIA is showing that through intentional effort and collaboration, insurers can lead the way and help move the needle on diversity, equity and inclusion.”


Dr. Nunery brings 40 years of experience in a wide breadth of industries and is known for authoring the groundbreaking study, “The Journey of African American Insurance Professionals: Past and Present,” widely praised and cited within the industry as a resource to better understand DEI dynamics. He currently leads Evolution Advisors, a joint venture whose Founding Partners include Acrisure, Russell Wilson and Ciara, and Russell Westbrook. The venture combines Acrisure’s human and artificial intelligence capabilities with the philanthropic and social platforms of the other Founding Partners to address the unmet financial needs of minority owned businesses and communities.


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According to the Catalog, company size is a driving factor in organizational DEI momentum: large companies (92%) had higher adoption rates of DEI in their smaller counterparts (54%), which can be explained in part by the breadth and distribution of their businesses, and the implementation of best practices (as described in subsequent sections), such as inclusive workplace policies, educating managers on DEI, and pay equity analysis.


Senior staff members in attendance for Dr. Nunery’s presentation included Kylie Patterson, Director of Diversity & Inclusion for full House Financial Services Committee (Chair Waters), Sarah Bassett, Research Director (Chair Waters), Chelsea Crittle, Subcommittee on Diversity & Inclusion (Chair Beatty), and Eric Kim, Fellow for full HFSC (APAICS (Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies) Racial Equity Fellow).


Spotlighting the Catalog’s findings and recommendations continues, with Dr. Nunery planned to speak at events such as the Life Insurance Conference 2022 and an event hosted by APCIA, the Life Insurance Council of New York (LICONY), and American Council of Life Insurers (ACLI).


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