A comprehensive employee benefits package is often key to finding and retaining top talent. However, not all employee benefits providers genuinely understand your business and appreciate what is in your organization’s best interests. Now more than ever, it is important to select a trustworthy local insurance partner who can help provide the best coverages for your business today and help you plan as health insurance legislation is evolving. Acrisure’s Agency Partners are proud to be the commercial insurance broker to many locally-owned companies across the U.S.

Unfortunately, some of these clients turn to inexperienced, generic and “big-box” employee benefits brokers, which can lead to an ineffective benefits program and dissatisfied employees. Below are three of the reasons why many well-informed business leaders instead turn to one of our Agency Partners, also their commercial insurance brokers, when scaling-up an employee benefits offering.

  1. Our Agency Partners know you, your employees and your business.
  2. As your commercial insurance broker, our Agency Partners already have a deep understanding of your business. They know your objectives, strategies, general employee pool, organizational structure, corporate culture and even workers’ compensation issues—all of which can affect your employee benefits plan and how you talk about benefits with your employees.

    This insight allows our Agency Partners to help design the right employee benefits plan along with a communication strategy. They also work by your side to help communicate the plan’s advantages to your current and future employees so they can easily navigate their options.

  3. Our Agency Partners plan with your growth in mind. 

  4. The benefits plans we help develop are not static, “one-size-fits-all” solutions. We understand your goals for growth along with the challenges you may face along the way.

    To determine the right commercial insurance coverage for your business, our agents have already immersed themselves in your industry. We use this knowledge to help fuel your long-term employee benefits strategy, specifically designing a plan to help give you a competitive edge while taking into consideration potential legislative changes and emerging market trends.

  5. They’re always here for you.
  6. Unlike large employee benefits brokers who largely set up shop online or in major metropolitan areas, we are conveniently located in communities across the country: use our convenient ‘Find a Broker’ tool. Our Agency Partners have dedicated, onsite teams to answer questions and help your employees navigate the claims process quickly and efficiently. Additionally, your local agent can visit with you regularly to understand how your business is evolving. This will help ensure your employees have coverages they can count on as your business needs change.

Trust your employee benefits plan to a partner who truly understands your business. Connect with an Acrisure Agency Partner today to help develop a competitive, custom-tailored plan.

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