Many Americans overpay for their auto insurance by about $330 each year, reports a recent consumer study by ValuePenguin. The cost of auto insurance depends on many variables, including your location, driving history, financial profile and whether you own your home.

For clients with an existing homeowner’s policy with an Acrisure Agency Partner, bundling an auto policy is something that you can do today to start saving money quickly. However, a bundling discount isn’t the only reason so many homeowners choose to move their auto policy to an Acrisure Agency Partner:

Added Cost Savings

Most homeowners who bundle their auto policies with us save between 5 and 25 percent. Acrisure’s Agency Partners appreciate your trust and value your loyalty, which is why they work with carriers that offer a bundling discount.

Diving a layer deeper, Acrisure Agency Partners may also find that you are overpaying for your auto insurance because your current provider has included coverages that you likely don’t need. Your Acrisure Agency Partner producer can work with you to determine what coverages are the right fit for you and find any other discount opportunities that may have been overlooked, such as one for owning multiple vehicles.

Personalized Protection

Worse than overpaying for protection, your current auto policy may skimp on areas that you do actually need. This could result in painful out-of-pocket expenses when an accident or other damage to your vehicle occurs.

When an Acrisure Agency Partner reviewed your homeowner’s policy, they took into account every variable, from the age of your home to the materials from which it was made. Our agents are highly trained to go beyond the basics, which is why they asked if you had any jewelry, antiques or other valuable items that may require additional coverage beyond the typical homeowner’s policy. Expect the same level of thoroughness when it comes to your auto insurance: they ask questions to learn more about your specific needs and then tailor a policy just for you.

Continuity of Coverage

Did you know that many insurance carriers will non-renew an auto insurance policy if an insured files three or more at-fault claims within a three-year period?

Our Agency Partners understand that accidents happen. That is why they work with you to help ensure continued coverage. Even if you have made auto insurance claims or received numerous tickets, having both of your policies bundled with us lowers your chances of being dropped.

All-in-One Convenience

With bundling, one dedicated insurance agent can review your home and auto coverage in one sitting and then make personalized recommendations to accommodate your needs and budget.

For your convenience, our Agency Partners also provide the tools for you to continue managing both policies on your own. Of course, if you have questions or need guidance, our Agency Partners are always just a phone call or email away.

Get the auto insurance coverage you need from the local provider you know and trust. To get started with an Acrisure Agency Partner near you, click here.

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